Brea has a wide range of people and cultures

The community dictates what services will be available to you as a homeowner, what types of schools will be available for your children and ultimately, what kind of neighborhood you will call home. A great way to help you better understand Brea is by the understanding of the city’s demographics.


Brea has a population of 41,394. The city has grown 4% since the last census and has the 4th smallest population, compared to the other suburbs in and around Brea. This growth can be attributed to the excellent services and business friendly approach in the city.

This vision has made Brea one of the most coveted and livable places in all of Southern California and current projections show sustainable and steady growth for the foreseeable future.

Age Distribution

The age distribution for Brea is as follows:

  • 14 and under age group comprises 18.4% of Brea’s population.
  • 15-64 age group comprises 69.1% of Brea’s population
  • 65 and over age group comprises 11.7% of Brea’s population.

By looking at these numbers, you can conclude that Brea has a fairly large population that is under the age of 14. This demographic has grown steadily over the past decade and shows that Brea is a very attractive city to raise children in and for young families.

This data also shows why the Brea school district is among the best in the state and continues to value and develop education. Also reflected in this demographic is the amount and quality of youth services, community and leisure services as well as the wide selection of both elementary and secondary schools in Brea.

The majority of the population of Brea is of working age. Often you will see the ongoing improvements in public transit and infrastructure to help ease the burden of the daily commute into and out of the city. Brea also values and continues to attract new business and provides excellent retail options to encourage business growth and help grow local jobs.

The great weather and wide selection of services have attracted a vibrant and healthy population over the age of 65. Brea’s senior center and wide range of programs and activities as well as the assisted living housing market all help bring seniors to the area and also maintain this portion of Brea’s population.


Brea has a wide range of housing choices and developments. These range from quaint, quiet neighborhoods with houses dating back into the 1920’s to modern, planned communities with mixed retail and residential space.

Over the last decade, much of the growth and housing developments have focused on affordable residential developments in the Downtown District of Brea as well as in North East Brea. These developments have quickly sold out and were a very popular option for young families and couples. These developments have also helped to increase the urban green spaces in the city as well as Brea’s walkability.

Some of these housing developments have been specifically built to attract and provide housing opportunities to Brea’s wonderful seniors population. These developments include assisted living as well as senior specific communities.

Brea also has a well-balanced selection of apartments, townhouses and mobile parks to provide a wide range of real estate options and price points. There really is something for everyone in Brea’s housing market.


70% of the population in Brea speaks English. This number is far different than the average for California, which reports English as the predominant language spoken by only 56 % of the population. Other predominant populations in Brea are Asian with over 18% and Hispanic with 14%. These statistics show that Brea is a multi-cultural city with a nice, diverse population.


Brea’s public school system is one of the best in the state of California. It consistently scores higher than the 90th percentile in both state and national achievement tests. Several of Brea’s schools have been recognized as outstanding and have been given distinguished awards such as “blue ribbon” and “distinguished.”

The quality of education that is provided by the city and its school board is another reason as to why Brea is such an attractive place to raise a family.

These demographics highlight some of the major reasons why Brea is a great place to live. With such a wide range of housing choices and real estate options, there has never been a better time than now to look at the homes for sale in Brea. Come and see for yourself why Brea has been named one of the five best places to live in all the western United States!

Care for Seniors

The website is a leading resource for senior care and senior living options for family caregivers seeking information and support as they care for aging parents, spouses and other loved ones. This is their page showing “Assisted Living Facilities near Brea“.

They have been featured by AARP, The Administration for Community Living, The National Legal Resource Center, and Forbes, as well as referenced by many governmental agencies and organizations across the Internet.

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