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129 Beach & La Habra Bus  in Brea
129 Beach & La Habra line

Brea offers many different transit and transportation options that link this quaint city to the larger centers that surround it. Here is a brief overview of some of these excellent transit and transportation choices.

Transit – Orange County Transportation Authority

A reliable and efficient public transit system is an essential service for any city. The city of Brea is serviced by the Orange County Transportation Authority. The OCTA was formed in 1991 and has provided the residents of Brea and 33 other cities with safe and convenient public transit options.

The OCTA helps link the neighborhoods of Brea and connects Brea with all its surrounding cities. These reliable public transit options are just another reason as to why the neighborhoods of Brea are such appealing places to live.


There are many different bus routes and options available in the city of Brea. The bus fleet of the OCTA is state of the art with over 88% of the fleet running on natural gas. This helps to lower emissions and has led to a sustainability award. The OCTA remains committed to lowering emissions while providing safe, affordable public transit options for Brea and beyond.

The OCTA also provides OCTA ACCESS for residents who are disabled. The OCTA ACCESS offers curbside pickup as well as a taxi service to ACCESS-eligible customers. All ACCESS customers must meet the American with Disabilities Act criteria.

This inclusivity and extended service provided by the OCTA all help make Brea a great option for anyone looking to relocate to a warmer climate or to find their dream home!


Metrolink is a light rail public transit option that is provided by the OCTA, consisting of an eight line system that services Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside as well as San Bernardino.

Metrolink also provides services for passengers with disabilities as each car has room for wheelchairs as well as brackets to secure wheelchairs, and welcomes all service animals, offering a wide range of onboard amenities.

91 Express Lane

The 91 Express Lane is a 4 lane 10-mile toll road that was built between Orange County and the Costa Mesa Freeway. It was designed to help ease the flow of congestion and give motorists another option when commuting to and from their place of work. It can save commuters up to 30 minutes and is tolled according to congestion management pricing.


Another great reason to live in Brea is its access to not only 1 but 4 major airports. All of these airports are accessible via OCTA public transportation and thus make it easy to get from your front door to your terminal without having to worry about parking or the other hassles of commuting.

Sustainable Methods of Transportation – Bike

Brea’s weather makes biking year round a great alternative method of commuting. There are plenty of bikeways in and around Brea and all of the OCTA public transit vehicles are bike friendly. Metrolink for example now offers bike commuter cars that can hold up to 9 bikes as well as bike storage stations at many of the Metrolink stations.

In addition to bike friendly public transit, the OCTA maintains and offers over 1 000 miles of bikeways that link Brea to many of the other cities in the area. These bikeways have 4 separate classes and some of the lanes are shared between pedestrians and bikers so pay attention to these classes. Commuting to work has never been easier thanks to these bikeways.

Another great way to see the surrounding area, especially some of the natural attractions and beaches that surround Brea, is the OC Loop – a 66 mile loop that provides both pedestrians and cyclists the opportunity to see some of California’s most scenic beaches and other scenic vistas. The OC Loop is just another great reason to call Brea home.


The climate of Brea makes walking a very realistic way to commute within the city and surrounding areas year round. Consider incorporating a walk into part of your daily commute; not only is walking a great form of exercise for all fitness levels, it is also a great way to see your community and some of the stunning public art that Brea is noted for. Get out and enjoy!

The city of Brea really does need to be seen to be believed. Brea has been voted one of the best suburbs to call home in all the Western United States and there is good reason for that distinguished award. From its wide range of affordable housing choices, to its welcoming small town feel and stunning display of public art, Brea is a gem of a city.

The excellent public transportation system that links Brea to the surrounding cities only adds to the allure of the city and makes Brea a great place to call home!

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