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Brea Plunge
Brea Plunge

In addition to real estate development, Brea is also a very business friendly community and is always looking to attract new and exciting services to the area. Here is a brief overview of Brea’s municipal government as well as the utilities and services they make available to the residents of Brea.

City Council

Brea’s city council is comprised of a 5 member council and is headed by the mayor. The council and mayor are both elected to 4 year terms. Brea’s city council is responsible for all the city bylaws, the collection and implementation of property taxes, and the approval and oversight of spending for city projects.

The overall vision and mission statement of Brea’s city council is:

  • To maintain a safe environment for all residents
  • To ensure Brea remains a special place
  • Protect and Enhance Brea as a Balanced Community
  • Increase Brea’s Sense of civic ownership


The city of Brea provides a wide range of services that can be classified as utilities. These services include water distribution, garbage collection and sewer and storm drain services.


Brea’s water services are provided by two major water suppliers – Metropolitan Water District and Cal Domestic.

The current water structure for Brea is based on the following:

  • Monthly service charge based upon water meter size
  • Monthly usage, rate based upon the amount of water used

Meters are read approximately every 30 days. The revenue collected from Brea’s water rates help pay for the city’s operations as well as the maintenance required to provide, fresh, clean water to all of the city’s residents. There are discounts available for low-income residents. The city also offers a free service to help to reduce water consumption and usage.

Garbage Collection

The city of Brea has contracted out its garbage pick-up as well as its recycled materials service to Republic Services. The recyclable materials program is a three-bin waste collection program that is meant to help the city of Brea become more sustainable and to protect the environment. Both of these services are collected weekly and will be delayed by a day for all major holidays.

Storm and Drain Services

The storm and drain division of the city of Brea is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all of Brea’s streets, sidewalks, street lights and signs as well as all sewer and drain related issues such as runoff.

A reliable and efficient sewer and storm water system is paramount to keep the city clean. The city of Brea also strictly adheres to the requirements of the California Regional Water Quality Control Board.

The costs associated with sewer maintenance as well as the requirements of the state’s water control board are all part of the city’s monthly sewer utility rate. There is a discounted rate available for low-income earners.


The utility fees charged by the city of Brea for water, garbage and sewer are monthly and there are numerous payment options available.

These options include:

  • Auto payment
  • E-Pay (electronic)
  • In person at City Hall
  • By Mail

Other Services

The city of Brea provides many other great services that help to beautify the city and keep it running smoothly. These services fall under the public works department and include:

  • Street
  • Water
  • Park and Landscape
  • Engineering
  • Building Maintenance


The city of Brea also provides an excellent policing department. The Brea Police Department is dedicated to providing the residents of the city with quality public safety services. Their values include professionalism, community involvement and work to provide citizens with the highest level of customer service.

Emergency Numbers

Some important numbers to know in the city of Brea are:

  • 911 – Emergency
  • 714 738 6122 – Fire Department (Non-emergency)
  • 714 990 7625 – Police Services (Non-emergency)

The municipal government of Brea has worked hard and continues to develop and implement a great overall vision that has enabled Brea to attract new residents as well as ensure that the city is one of the most coveted places to live in all of California.

The city provides its residents with an excellent array of public services as well as vibrant business and business opportunities and new sustainable housing projects and developments. This is just another reason as to why so many people are proud to call Brea home!

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