5 Qualities of a Good Neighbor

Finding your dream home in the perfect neighborhood can be challenging.  However, having good neighbors and being a good neighbor can be achieved no matter where you live.  As the premier Brea realtor, I would like to share these qualities of a good neighbor and how you can help to make your neighborhood a better place.

Good neighbors look out for one another

To be a part of a connected neighborhood makes the overall home ownership experience that much richer and safer.  Be the person who looks out for not only your neighbors, but the entire neighborhood.  Get to know the people on your block and look out for their best interests.  Help out whenever possible and take ownership of your surroundings.

If you see anything suspicious, share the information with your neighbors and even call the police to report any questionable scenarios or behaviors.

Good neighbors are respectful

Make sure to be respectful.  Some rules to keep in mind include:

  • If you are having a party, inform your neighbors and turn the music down at a reasonable time in the evening.
  • Do not take part in neighborhood gossip, which may alienate you from certain people.  Be friendly with all your neighbors.

Even things such as what color you want to paint your home or fence may need to be carefully considered and you may want to consult your neighbors about their opinion.


You are part of a neighborhood, so a bright orange house may not be the best way to be a good neighbor.

Good neighbors are tidy

Make sure that you keep your yard and general surrounding tidy.  Never leave garbage or junk littered throughout your yard and keep all trash receptacles out of sight by the side of your house or in your garage. Try to keep ornate lawn ornaments to a minimum and always clean up after any type of landscaping or yard work.  A tidy and well-kept home is an excellent way to be a great neighbor.

Good neighbors mow their lawns

An unkempt lawn can make your home and neighborhood look bad.  Make sure to mow your lawn every few weeks to keep your yard and neighbors happy.  When mowing your lawn, make sure to not mow it too early in the morning or late in the evening.

Good neighbors communicate

It is essential to communicate with your neighbors to ensure a good relationship.  Make sure to involve your neighbors in any discussions around problematic trees, bushes or drainage ditches and try to understand their opinions and points of view.


Fences are shared interests, so make sure to include your neighbor in any replacement discussions, upgrades or even painting.

These are just a few ways how to be a good neighbor.  Being a part of a neighborhood and enjoying the company of your neighbors is all part of owning your own home.  If you are interested in some of the exciting, new real estate optio

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