5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Realtor to Sell Your Brea Home

Real Estate Agent Reaches for Handshake with Sold Sign and New House Behind.

Brea is an Orange County city that still holds that small town charm and feel. Brea is seen as one of the best places to live in all of the Western United States and just one visit to this friendly, welcoming community and you will know why. These features make Brea one of the most sought after places to call home in all of California.

Because of Brea’s popularity and its wide range of services and amenities, the real estate market in the city is competitive and homes for sale can be in short supply and high in demand. This is great news if you have been looking to sell your Brea home. However, in order to get full market value for your Brea home and get it off the real estate market relatively quickly, a real estate agent is imperative.

Here are 5 reasons as to why you need a real estate agent to help sell your Brea home.

1. Staging your home

• A properly staged home is a sold home!
• However, do you know how to properly stage your home?

Staging is such an important piece to receiving the full value of your home. A well-staged home can be the deciding factor when it comes to getting full market value. Your real estate agent can help you properly stage each room in your home so that your home stands out in the competitive Brea real estate market. This process will help you find the perfect angle that will attract many potential buyers.

2. Getting full market value

When it comes to selling your Brea home, not only are you looking for a quick sale, you will also want to get full market value for your home. The right real estate agent can help you achieve this goal.

Your realtor can help you get full market value for your Brea home by:

• Looking at similar properties in your neighborhood and community and seeing how long each was on the market and for how much each property was sold.
• Having knowledge of your neighborhood and the city of Brea and using the highlights as selling features.
• Creating demand through open houses to increase the number of potential buyers and perhaps start a bidding war

3. A quick sale

Even though there is a high demand for housing in Brea, the real estate market is still very competitive. With so many options and choices that are available in and around Brea, there is a good chance that your home may stay on the real estate market longer than you wish.

The right real estate agent can help speed up this process and is committed to selling your home. Let them use their knowledge of the community and the neighborhood to help turn that for sale sign into a sold sign!

4. The inside scoop

The right real estate agent brings a long list of contacts and through these contacts can attract the right type of buyer. Real estate agents can network and contact other realtors to attract a long list of possible suitors. The more potential buyers, the better your chances are of selling.

• Proper networking will increase your chances of not only selling your Brea home, but also getting full market value!

5. Tying Up Loose Ends

Your real estate agent is with you throughout the entire selling process–from beginning to end. Part of their job is to deal with the legalities and paperwork that will come once the sale has been finalized. This end process can be time-consuming, confusing and stressful, so why not let a professional take care of it for you. That way it will give you more time to focus on your next big step –packing!

These are 5 of the more important reasons to use a realtor to sell your Brea home. If you want to get full market value for your home and get it off the real estate market as quickly as possible, then make sure to find a real estate agent that is committed to selling your home.

If you have been thinking about selling your Brea home, please contact me. I am a local realtor who is committed to helping you. I have an intimate knowledge of the city of Brea as well as each of its distinct neighborhoods and will work tirelessly to help you achieve the goal of selling your home. I look forward to working with you today!

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