Helpful Advice for Buying a Home this Spring

Brea’s spring real estate market is just beginning to heat up.  The added selection of homes is the perfect time for a potential homebuyer to find their dream home.  The large selection of homes on the market bring added competition, so be prepared.  As your premier Brea realtor, I would like to offer the following advice on how you can beat the competition and find that perfect home this spring.

Be Prepared

Like so many other things in life, being fully prepared is essential if you are to find your home in the ultra-competitive spring real estate market.  Preparation will allow you to not only look at homes that suit all your needs, it will also allow you to make quick offers on properties that you are interested in and hopefully help you land your dream home.

Get Approval

Before starting your house search, it is important that you visit your local banks or lenders and get a pre-approved mortgage.  By getting pre-approved, you will have a better understanding of what you can afford, and this will help you narrow your search.  With so many homes on the market, you are going to waste your time looking at properties that are outside of your price range.

Consider What’s Important

Once you know what type of home you can afford, you can start to make a list of what criteria are important to you as a homeowner.  It is important to be realistic and flexible because you may need to make some compromise.  Besides factors such as the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, other important points that you may want to consider when making this list include:

  • A home’s distance from your work and your commute time.
  • The overall neighborhood feel.
  • Proximity to green spaces, schools, community centers and the general walkability score of the property.

Time is of the Essence

Once you have found a property that meets your criteria, you will want to make a reasonable offer as soon as possible.  The added competition of Brea’s spring real estate market will not afford you the luxury of taking your time to consider what type of offer you want to put forward.  If you take too long, you may risk losing your home to another serious offer or may be involved in a bidding war.  Act quickly to avoid either of these scenarios.

Here’s the deal:

Expect to pay full market value for your home in the spring.  Try not to get too caught up in paying a few thousand dollars more for your dream home.  Over the course of your mortgage, this extra money amounts to very little in the scheme of things.

These tips should help you land your perfect home in the busy spring real estate market.  If you would like more helpful tips about buying a home or are interested in some of the new and exciting real estate options that abound in Brea, please contact me today.  I look forward to working with you soon.




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