Incorporating your Passions into your Home Décor


Your home reflects who you are both inside and out.  Why not take this one step further and personalize your home with your hobbies, passions and interests to make it even more meaningful?  As the premier real estate agent for all your Brea realtor needs, I would like to share the following ways that you can incorporate your passions into your home decor.

Display your Seasonal Equipment Year Round

Just because the snow is gone doesn’t mean that you need to put away your skis.  Mount your skis or other seasonal equipment such as surfboards overhead to keep them out of the way but still on display.  This will show your seasonal passions to guests and add color and a conversation piece to any room in your house.

Show Off Your Tools

Many hobbies’ come with a set of necessary tools.  Instead of hiding these tools, find a unique way to tie them into your home.  These tools include:

  • Paintbrushes and paint.
  • Guitars and other musical instruments.
  • Knitting or yarning needles.

Keep these items on display, especially if you are using them weekly.

Let your talent Show

Some hobbies need to be displayed.  If you are an amateur photographer, why not find some of your most unique and personal photos and get them blown up, and framed.  Woodworking and painting are other hobbies that can add a personalized touch to your home.  Make sure to use your cutting board or incorporate that shelf or homemade piece of furniture.  Pottery is another great hobby that can be shown off in the form of coffee cups or even plates and bowls.  Let your talents shine.

Add to your Collection

Perhaps your hobby is collecting certain items.  Every collection tells a personal story and is as unique as you are.  Why not put that collection on display?  Not only will it add history and personality to your home it can also liven up any room and give a cabinet or shelf a 3-dimensional look.

Display your Treasures

If you are a worldwide traveler or add travelling to your hobby list, why not incorporate some of the treasures that you have found in far off places into your everyday decor.  Travelling is a great way to find unique and one of a kind show pieces that should be displayed in your home.  Each item brings back great memories and has a story – show it off.

If your home truly is a reflection of yourself, why not put a real exclamation point on it and display your many talents and hobbies?  These simple tips will allow you to incorporate your passions into your décor.  If you are interested in other creative ways of displaying your passions or would like to see some of the new and exciting real estate options that are available in Brea, please contact me today.




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