Increase your Curb Appeal this Spring

When it comes to listing your home, the look of the exterior may be more important than you know.  A polished exterior not only attracts potential home buyers, it can also be a decisive factor that determines the final sale price.  As the premier realtor for all your Brea real estate needs, I would like to offer these simple tips on how you can increase your home’s curb appeal this spring.

Deep Clean

The most inexpensive way to get the exterior of your home ready for the market is to dedicate a weekend to cleaning.  Your cleaning should go far further than just mowing the lawn, raking the leaves and trimming the bushes.  When deep cleaning your home, make sure to:

  • Power wash or hose down the entire exterior of your home, your driveway and the paths and walkways as well as the fence around your home.
  • Inspect all caulking around the windows and re-caulk any damaged areas.
  • Clean the exterior of your windows.


If you are really looking at making your home a standout in the market, consider repainting the exterior of your home.  A new coat of paint will bring attention and increase its curb appeal.  If painting the entire exterior of your home is out of the question, there are other ways to increase the curb appeal.  Consider:

  • Adding a touch of color to your front door. A brightly colored door can be a great way to greet your next open house.
  • Paint accent areas such as the trim, shutters, light fixtures and even your mailbox.

Add Shutters

Adding shutters is a quick way to include a whole new dimension to the exterior of your home.  Shutters make your windows look bigger and will draw visual interest by breaking up an exterior wall.  For maximum effect, choose a color that contrasts your home’s exterior.

Roll Out the Welcome Mat

A new mat is a great way to welcome potential buyers.  Other small changes that can make a big impact on your home’s curb appeal include:

  • Replace or add house numbers to your front porch, fence or freshly painted door.
  • Plant flowers in your newly landscaped yard.
  • Add planters or hanging baskets to add a splash of color to your front porch and balcony or deck.

An eye-catching exterior is a great way to increase interest in your home.  These simple tips should attract buyers to view and even purchase your house.  If you are interested in other ways to get the exterior of your home ready for the market, or are thinking about listing your home on Brea’s real estate market, please contact me today.  I would love to help you sell your home this spring.  I look forward to working with you soon.



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