Nominate Your Favorite Teacher

Teaching During the Pandemic

Teaching has always been a challenging yet rewarding profession.  With school closures, social distancing measures and other newly implemented rules to keep our loved ones and ourselves safe, the real role of teachers is becoming more evident.  Teachers are more than just educators who stand in front of class to deliver a set curriculum.  Instead, a teacher provides a wide variety of duties and roles that range from caregiver to role model to a hero in some cases.

With the new demands and expectations that have arisen due to the pandemic, the true skill set of a teacher is really beginning to show.  They are an adaptable, quick learning and caring group of people who have launched themselves fully into the virtual or online teaching realm and have rather seamlessly been able to provide and deliver the expected curriculum to a wide range of learners.

The patience, understanding, empathy and detail that they have invested in during this difficult transition is evident in not only the lessons provided but the feedback, assessment and collaboration that is done while working from home.  Teachers have demonstrated once again that not only are they essential workers but continually go above and beyond the required expectations are really are a cornerstone of our community.

Online Learning

Although it may seem overwhelming to students as well as educators at moments, the new online platform although not perfect is providing students with the opportunity to learn about 21st century skills that are related to:

  • Digital learning.
  • Problem solving and collaboration skills.
  • Critical thinking that invokes creativity.

Teachers have done an excellent job at learning, using, and offering tips on how to not only navigate the new technology but also become experts at it, while still offering the needed curriculum for students to move from this grade to the next.

It takes a Village (or Community)


What has become evident during this isolation period is just how important the parent’s role is in their child’s overall educational experience.  Some tips that will not only make your life easier as a parent/guardian but will also help your child realize their full academic potential include:

  • Create a quite learning space free of distractions for your child.
  • Provide them with the necessary technology – MacBook, laptop, or home computer.
  • Provide the necessary learning tools – pencil, paper, calculator etc.


As a student in these ever-changing times you can also be an active agent in your education.  An online curriculum gives you the opportunity to develop skills and learn technology that will be in great demand in the job market.  To be successful in your online educational process be sure to:

  • Advocate for yourself and ask questions about how to complete the assignments, and fully utilize the new technologies that have been implemented.
  • Attend all online meetings– think of it as your attendance.
  • Respect the online privacy parameters and be kind, courteous and respectful to both your peers and your teachers when using online technology.

Extra Resources

Brea’s BOUSD distance learning resources

Student resources for Elementary and Secondary:

A parent/guardian’s link to resources:

Nominate your Teacher:

At Darryl and JJ Jones Realty we want to acknowledge all the hard work that teacher’s do everyday and are doing during this pandemic.  That is why we have set up the Nominate your Favorite Teacher Award.  Enter your favorite teacher and tell us why you feel that they should be nominated for this prestigious award.  The winner will be announced via email on June 12 2020.

To nominate your favorite teacher and give them the appreciation that they deserve, just follow the link, and fill out the brief form at:

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Stay strong Brea,

Darryl and JJ Jones

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