Tips for Buying a Home in Brea

There may be no better place to call home than Southern California. The never-ending sunshine, the wide range of outdoor activities and the amenities and services that are available make this part of the United States a great place to live.


If the weather and activities appeal to you then the next choice is finding the perfect location in Southern California. There are many choices and each town or city offers something unique; however, one small city stands out among all the rest –Brea, California. Brea is a unique place to live as it offers the amenities and services of a large city but maintains that small town charm. Finding that perfect home for sale in Brea is your next big challenge.

Here are some important tips to help you find your Brea dream home:

Know the neighborhood

All the neighborhoods in Brea are diverse, close to excellent public schools and are safe. Your needs and wants will help dictate which one is the right choice for you. Here is where the knowledge of the right real estate agent will come into play. Make sure to look at a wide range of homes in a few different neighborhoods to get a good scope of what type of homes are for sale in the Brea real estate market.

Remember, when it comes to buying a home it is always better to buy the most run-down home in a nice neighborhood rather than the nicest home in a run-down neighborhood.

Don’t be too picky

When it comes to finding your dream home in Brea, it is important not to get stuck on small details- in other words, don’t get too picky. Remember, paint colors can always be changed, wallpaper can be removed and yards can be landscaped. If the price is right, rooms in homes can even be remodeled and renovated. Instead, focus your search on some of the more important factors that will help decide your perfect home.
Factors such as:
• Proximity to public schools.
• Commute time to and from work.
• Neighborhood feel.

Use a realtor

The right realtor is of utmost importance when it comes to buying your Brea home. There are so many factors to consider when finding the home that is right for you. The best realtor can help you sort out these factors and perhaps even suggest other areas or neighborhoods that may be more suitable for your needs and wants.

Some of the most important reasons to use a realtor when it comes to buying a home are:
• The right realtor will have intimate knowledge of the city and its neighborhoods and be able to offer helpful advice.
• The right realtor will be able to help negotiate the final price of your home.
• The right realtor will take care of all of the legalities and paperwork once the sale is final.
• The right realtor will be knowledgeable about the entire buying process and that knowledge will save you time, money and take a huge weight off your shoulders!

When you are looking for that perfect home, make sure to set a budget. Prices can quickly escalate and get out of control when it comes to real estate. It is important to have a budget and to try to stay within those numbers. Remember, there will be additional costs that arise so do try to keep the overall price of your home in mind.

Brea – a great decision!

Finding and buying your perfect home is always an exciting time and choosing Brea as your destination will only add to the overall satisfaction of being a home owner. You will love the welcoming community, the excellent public schools, and the public art that adds another dimension to the ambience of the city.

I am a local realtor who specializes in the Brea real estate market. I have intimate knowledge of the community and its many neighborhoods and would love to help you find that perfect Brea home. If you have been thinking about calling the gorgeous town of Brea home, let me help you with that decision. I look forward to working with you soon!

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