Tips for Preparing a Fabulous Flowerbed

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling a home, a well-manicured flowerbed adds color and class to your home.  Planting and taking care of a flowerbed can also be a great family activity and get the kids outside, active and engaged.  As the premier realtor for your Brea real estate needs, I would like to share the following tips on how you can prepare a fabulous flowerbed. 

Clean your Bed

Before planting your first flower, it is important that you start with a clean, weed free yard by removing any debris, rocks and weeds.  Once you have thoroughly cleaned your flowerbed, add some new soil and mix it in with the existing soil.  Ensure that the soil is not compact but rather loose to allow your flower’s root systems to take hold. 

Get a Head Start

There are two ways that you can grow your flowers.  You can either head to your local greenhouse or nursery to buy pre-bedded plants or you can start them from seed and transfer them to your garden when they are ready.  If you choose to start them from seed, grow them in a sunny area and then transplant them once they have developed sturdy stems. 

Perfect Space

When it comes to planting the flowers, make sure to properly space them.  Try to follow the guidelines on the seed package or the plant tag to prevent overcrowding and allowing your flowers room to grow. 

When planting your flowers, be sure to plant the crown (where the flowers root system meets the soil) flush with the bedding soil.  If you plant your flower too deep in the bed, soil will settle around the stem and rot the flower.  If you plant your flowers too high, they will never properly root and dry out and die.

Weed and Water

No matter what type of flower you are choosing to plant, it is important to properly water them the moment they are in your flowerbed.  Transplanting is hard on a flower and you will want to ensure that your flowerbed is as healthy as possible.  Once it is thoroughly watered, make sure to establish a watering routine and water anytime the soil is dry.

You will also want to keep your flowerbed weed free.  Weeds will quickly choke out your flowers and you will be left with an unsightly plot full of a thriving weed community.  Remove any unwanted weeds immediately before they can spread or choke out your flowers.  A great way to help prevent weeds and help your flowerbed retain moisture is a thin layer of mulch.  For best results, use sparingly and try to keep it away from direct contact with your flowers.   

These simple tips will help you enjoy healthy and colorful flowerbeds this spring.  If you have other questions about how to prepare your gorgeous garden or are interested in some of the many new and exciting real estate options available in Brea, please contact me today.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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