Staging your Home for the Season

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The importance of a well staged home cannot be understated.  A properly staged home not only sells faster, it also sells for more money.  This statement may seem rather obvious in the highly competitive real estate market but what may surprise you however is that a well staged home is also staged for the season that it is being sold in.

That’s right, an effective home staging reflects the season to showcase the home’s key selling features.  As your premier real estate agent for homes for sale in Brea, here is a detailed overview of effective staging tips for each of the four seasons.

Why Stage?

Staging your home allows you to highlight all the selling features of your home while at the same time allowing any interested buyers the opportunity to envision their lifestyle and their personal belongings in your home’s space.  A well staged home is not cluttered, nor does it contain any personal items of yours, so it really sows the open concept and overall floor plan of your home.


Summer may be the busiest real estate season with lots of inventory available on the market, meaning a lot of potential homes for buyers to choose from.  This extra competition means that you as a seller will need to showcase your home to make it stand out from the rest.  Here is where staging for the season comes into play.

As previously stated, a well staged home creates an emotional connection for any potential buyer and makes your home feel more welcoming.  Some important home staging tips for the summer season that are sure to create interest in your home.

Let in the Light

Regardless of the season you are choosing to list your home, light is such an important factor.  A well-lit room gives the appearance of a larger, more open and all around more appealing space.  Luckily, summers in California give lots of natural light to help showcase your home with.  Be sure to take full advantage and open your blinds and curtains and cut back any foliage, tree branches or other natural barriers that may be impeding on your natural light sources.

Here’s the Deal:

Just because it is summer doesn’t mean that you should turn off all other light sources.  Be sure to turn on the lights in each room and replace any burnt out bulbs.  When it comes to staging your home for a final sale, remember – the more light the better.

Add Color

Summer is the perfect season to bring a wide range of vivid colors into your home.  Bring flowers into each room to liven up your home and don’t be afraid to use bright fresh colors for your throws, couch cushions and any other type of supporting accessory.

Curb Appeal

Start your summer staging outside.  Greet all potential buyers with a well-manicured lawn, meticulously landscaped hedges, trees and a bright and colorful flower bed.  If you have a deck or patio, be sure that you have properly staged it as well.  Sometimes the outdoor space can be as intriguing as the indoor space and a key selling feature.  Be sure to have bright flowers in pots at or near the entrance for that extra touch and a great way to create a lasting impression.

Keep your Cool

A typical summer day in Brea can get quite hot so be sure to turn the a/c on in your home to a comfortable level.  If you have ceiling fans be sure to turn them on as well to help circulate air.


Part of a well staged home is the overall ambiance.  You don’t want potential buyers leaving or rushing through your next open house because it is too hot, and they are uncomfortable.  Set the temperature accordingly to create an inviting and cool atmosphere.

If you are looking to list your home in the summer season, be sure to take these simple yet effective staging tips into consideration.  Next, let’s look at some staging tips if you are looking at a fall listing.


With its cool crisp days and brisk evenings, the fall season is synonymous with warm, inviting spaces and this is exactly what you want to convey when staging your home.  When staging for a fall sale, be sure to incorporate the following seasonal staging tips.

Warm it up – Fall Color Schemes

When you are staging your home for your fall open house, be sure to bring some of the rich, warm autumn colors indoors.  Deep reds, bright oranges and yellows are great colors for accessories and accents such as rugs, throw pillows or blankets.

Make it Comfortable

Make your home as comfortable as possible in the fall season by adding blankets and throws to your furniture.  Remember that you are aiming at creating a warm, inviting and comfortable space for potential home buyers.  The more comfortable and inviting your space is, the longer interested parties will stay in your home, giving them more time to admire their surroundings and hopefully to solidify a sale.

Remember the Outdoors

Just because you are showing your home in the fall doesn’t mean that you want to neglect your home’s outdoor space.  Before listing your home or showing it, be sure to rake the leaves and mow the lawn.  You will want to present both the interior and the exterior of your home as neat, tidy and attractive to any potential home buyer.

The key to staging your home in the fall season is to aim for comfort and warmth.  By making your home inviting and creating that sense of belonging, you should have no problem selling your home at full market value.  Next, let’s look at how to properly stage your home for a winter sale.


It used to be that listing your home in the winter season just meant that it was going to sit on the real estate market until the traditional hot spring market.  Well with the advent of the internet and the popularity of online house hunting, this is no longer the case.  You can sell your home in the winter with the right staging.  Here are some tips to get you started.

Make it Cozy

Baby its cold outside.  When you are showing your home in the winter, be sure to turn up the thermostat.  You want to have your home at a nice, comfortable temperature that will make potential home buyers want to stay and linger in your home.

Turn on the Lights

Even in sunny California, the winter months can be cloudy, overcast and on some days, downright dreary.  If you remember we talked about the importance of light and what it does for the space in your home.  Unfortunately, you will not be able to rely on natural light in the winter.  Instead, when showing your home, be sure to turn on every light in each room and open all curtains and blinds.

If possible, use a combination of overhead lighting and task lighting such as:

  • Table and desk lamps.
  • Modern floor lamps.

These lamps will add a layer of warmth to any room and will set that warm, cozy feeling that you are wanting to convey in your home.

The Nose Knows

One factor to consider when staging your home in the winter is that there is very little air exchange because it is cold.  This can lead to stale air and in some cases bad smells.  When staging your home, you are looking to create a certain ambiance and bad smells can ruin that vibe really quickly.

Here’s the Deal:

Do not, under any circumstances use air fresheners to cover up any smells or to try to give your home a certain scent.  Certain buyers may be allergic to the chemicals that are used to create these fragrances, and, in most cases, they are somewhat artificial and overpowering.  Instead opt for some natural oils or natural products such as vanilla beans, coffee beans or lemons and limes.

These simple yet effective staging tips will have your home sold in no time this winter.  Next up are staging tips for the spring season.


Spring has traditionally been the hottest real estate season for a number of reasons.  The warm, inviting, fresh air brings new vigor to potential home buyers looking to find their perfect home.  However, more buyers also means more sellers, more inventory and more competition.  Help make your home stand out with these spring staging tips and take advantage of Brea’s hot spring real estate market.

April Showers

Get a leg up on the competition by focusing on the outside of your home.  Take advantage of the warm spring weather and plant a wide variety of flowers in your yard to make your yard pop.  While you are at it, bring some of those beautiful flowers indoors and be sure to have a vase full of fresh, spring flowers in every room to welcome guests.

Let the Sunshine In

Open the windows in your home to not only air out the stale winter air but to also cool your home down and give your home that fresh spring air smell.  Open windows also mean more sunshine and you can never have enough natural light in your home, especially when you are showing it.

Spring Cleaning

Regardless of the season that you are staging your home for, it is essential that it is decluttered and clean.  I mean spotless clean.  The quickest way to lose a sale is by showing a dirty or cluttered home.  If you are staging for a spring sale, why not go that extra step though and not only deep clean your home, take the time to do a thorough cleaning, reorganizing and even reshuffling.

You are looking to sell, relocate and move into new surroundings so why not start the decluttering and downsizing aspect of moving when you are staging?  You will thank yourself later.

Other great staging tips for a spring sale include:

  • Adding spring colors to your accents such as pillows and blankets. Think pastels or soft but warm colors.  Light purples, turquoise and blues are all excellent choices.
  • Spruce up your entrance way with a new welcome mat and some seasonal flowers.
  • Think about using some candles or other natural scents. Great spring scents include citrus or vanilla, anything invigorating to convey that spring feeling of rejuvenation.

These simple spring staging tips will turn heads at your next open house and allow your home to stand out from the competition.

No matter what season you are choosing to list your home, it is so important to stage it properly.  At Daryll and JJ Jones I understand the importance of staging a home and how to effectively and strategically stage any home for a quick sale at full market value.  If you have been thinking about listing your home on Brea’s real estate market, please contact me today and let’s get started.

I would love to be a part of your sales team and help you turn that for sale sign into a sold sign today.  I look forward to working with you soon.

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