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Civic & Cultural Center in Brea
Civic & Cultural Center

There is never a dull moment in Brea. Besides being home to great shopping experiences as well as a host of excellent choices in cuisine, the safe, community minded city of Brea is home to a wide range of things to do.

From strolling the stunning array of public art pieces to taking in some of the surrounding beaches, Brea has something for everyone. Here is a small list of some of the more popular things to do in the charming city of Brea.

Public Art

Since its inception in 1975, the public art displays in the city of Brea have continued to attract and amaze both residents and visitors. These public art displays have not only added to the livability and the uniqueness of the city, but the program has also become a model for other public art programs throughout the country.

With over 150 different sculptures to choose from, it is no wonder that the public art displays in Brea have become one of the city’s most known features.

These sculptures provide an excellent opportunity to learn about and experience art while enjoying the sun or shopping or just taking in the sights and sounds of the city. For a more detailed understanding and a location of all Brea’s sculptures, make sure to pick up a full colored map at the Brea Civic Center. Get out and find your favorite piece of public art today!

City Sights

If shopping and experiencing the finer things in life is what you like to do, then Brea has you covered. The Brea Mall is a great place to find all of your shopping needs and is a huge attraction for both residents and visitors alike. If you are looking to spend a day taking in all the surroundings of the city, then downtown Brea is the place for you.

Downtown Brea is more than just boutique shopping. The downtown district is also home to a wide range of great cuisine and houses two separate movie theatres and a live improv theatre. In addition to all of these attractions, downtown Brea has some of Brea’s most popular public art displays all interwoven in this picturesque part of the city.

Make sure to set aside a day to enjoy all of the experiences that await you in downtown Brea.

Surrounding Beaches

Part of the allure of Brea is its weather and its proximity to some of the finest beaches in Southern California. Some of the surrounding beaches that are local favorites include Sunset Beach. Sunset Beach is generally empty and is a great place to find all types of seashells as well as a great place to watch the stunning sunsets of Southern California.

Huntington Beach or “Surf City” may be the most popular and crowded beach in the area but it’s also one of the cleanest. There is always something going on in Huntington Beach whether it be a surf or skate competition or one of the many volleyball tournaments. Get there early to secure a fire pit and see for yourself why Huntington Beach is a local favorite.

Newport Beach rivals Huntington Beach as the most popular beach in all of Southern California. Newport Beach boasts two piers, clean sand and water, a fisherman’s market, a great selection of eateries and bars as well as a paved boardwalk. Make sure to get there early to find a parking spot and enjoy a sun-soaked day at Newport Beach.

OC Loop

Get out your bike, skateboard, or roller blades or just go for a walk along this 66 mile paved loop. The OC Loop is another great way to see the surrounding area. It connects Brea to many of the other surrounding cities and beaches and allows you to enjoy the sunshine and great weather at your own pace.

Both Newport and Huntington Beach are accessible via the OC Loop as well as many other stunning beaches, and southern California vistas. You’ll love the OC Loop and all that it has to offer.


If you need a break from the beaches and are looking for something a little more rustic, then head for the hills and enjoy some of the great trails that can be found around Brea. One such trail that is a local favorite can be found at Carbon Canyon Regional Park.

Carbon Canyon Regional Park provides access to Orange County’s only grove of Coastal Redwoods. In addition to this stunning hike, there is also a 1.1-mile nature hike that provides access to stunning views and is a bird watchers paradise.

A trail guide is available for this hike as well as for the hike to the redwoods. Make sure to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and see the spectacular redwoods.

These are just some of the highlights of the many activities and things to do in and around Brea. The stunning weather and year round sunshine make outdoor activities a year round event. If you are looking for real estate in the city or a home for sale in Brea these many attractions only add to the reasons as to why Brea is such a coveted and great place to call your home.

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