Shopping in Brea

Brea Mall
The Brea Mall, with more than 175 specialty shops and several entertainment options

Shopping in southern California conjures up all kinds of images of trendy and chic boutique stores or walking the strip in Beverly Hills or another posh suburb of Los Angeles. California has always been seen as a trendsetter with its fashion choices as hot as its weather.

Luckily for residents of Brea all of the fashion and shopping opportunities that are synonymous with Beverley Hills can be found at the local mall or the trendy downtown district. These great shopping opportunities are just another reason as to why Brea is such a coveted place to call home.

Brea Mall

One cannot talk about the shopping opportunities in Brea without first referring to the famous Brea Mall. The Brea Mall attracts locals and visitors alike and has brought many great retail opportunities to the city. The Brea Mall is accessible by public transportation or by car.

This shopping center is an upscale mall located in the heart of Brea and showcases five major department stores, including Nordstrom, Macy’s, JCPenny and Sears. Besides these department stores, the mall also offers shoppers 175 specialty stores as well as a full day spa and a food court with several popular restaurants.

The Brea Mall showcases Italian tile walkways, vaulted skylights to add natural light and fountains. In keeping with Brea’s tradition of public art, the mall boasts original sculptures as well as other stunning pieces of art. Recently a major renovation helped contribute to the overall ambience and the shopping experience of the Brea Mall.

These renovations included a new children’s play area as well as a family restroom to make the mall more family friendly. The mall’s overall layout, attention to detail and store selection provides shoppers with an unforgettable shopping and entertainment experience. Make sure to see for yourself why the Brea Mall is such a cornerstone to the community – you will not be disappointed!

Downtown Brea

Brea Downtown
Brea’s Downtown District

In addition to the Brea Mall, downtown Brea provides shoppers with more than just great shopping opportunities. Downtown Brea is a unique experience that attracts locals and visitors alike and is another reason as to why Brea is such a great place to call home.

The downtown district of Brea offers a vibrant mix of boutique shops, trendy and casual dining as well as various entertainment options. In addition to these diverse shopping and entertainment opportunities, there is a wide range of loft style homes and shops that offer the complete trendy downtown lifestyle. These loft spaces add another dimension to the wide range of homes for sale in Brea and only add to the allure of the city.

Some of the highlights of downtown Brea include a selection of movie theaters, an improv theater as well as a day spa. If you are looking for great dining, some of Brea’s finest local chefs and most popular restaurants are found in the downtown district. Finally, downtown Brea offers a great selection of beauty and apparel stores.

Old Navy has a flagship store in downtown Brea that provides unisex fashion for the whole family at a great value. Besides the regular box stores, downtown Brea is also home to unique, boutique women’s fashion.

SUO Boutique has been operating in downtown Brea since 1999 and offers a wide selection of fashionable and original women’s wear. Each season brings a new, exciting line-up of fashionable dresses, pants, blouses as well as a wide assortment of accessories. Make sure to stop by regularly to see what SUO Boutique has for you.

Another store that has been a cornerstone of the downtown Brea shopping scene is LOFT. LOFT has a huge selection of women’s clothing. If you are looking for maternity clothes, Destination Maternity has you covered. Destination Maternity is home to many of the most fashionable names in the maternity clothing business.

Stop in today and see why Destination Maternity is the place to find your next maternity outfit.

Besides offering many fine boutique and fashion stores, downtown Brea is also home to great kitchen and bath stores such as Bath and Body Works. Bath and Body Works have been creating unique and exciting smells and products to help accent your home and create a sense of peace and harmony for all of your home needs.

Come visit them today and see how they can help transform your home.

As well as a great selection of retail stores, downtown Brea also offers beauty and spa services for all your beautification and relaxation needs. Indulge your senses the next time you are in downtown Brea!

The Brea Mall and downtown Brea both provide excellent shopping opportunities that rival any other Southern California district or city. However, there are many other great artisan and boutique shops scattered throughout the city.

These small business and retail spaces not only support many of the residents of Brea they are also an integral part of the community and help make Brea one of the greatest places in California to call home.

So remember, if you are looking for a great starter home, or looking for more sunshine in your life there are many great real estate options and homes for sale in Brea. Come and check out the incredible options for places to live and do some shopping at the same time!

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